How it works

M7's core product provides easy to implement authentication and authorization services via hosted a key signing platform. These tools may also be used to perform JWT token and document signing for any other need required.

Making it convenient for everyone
user.m7 makes credentialling a simple task. After checking whether a user is authenticated M7 returns their credentials. authentication may be filtered by roles, user or tags to further limit the scope of returned data as desired.

User data may be modified by our front end, or manage with our api.

User management is a laborious,repetative and potentially hazardous task for every website with a members only areas. Remote authentication and authorization allows developers to concentate on their product and not the tools. differing roles may be assigned to each user, and access may be granted depending on the roles required. managing multi server setups, with potentially different systems becomes a much easier task. with other complex tasks such as cross site promotions may be managed, granting access to sites normally not permitted to that user.

a strong collection of tools making it easier to run your site
Beyond our core product, m7 allows you to use the generated tokens with any service a token is required. we have a suite of tools with website management in mind, such as affiliate system , file hosting and web accessible database storage for common tasks.

Fully customizable
all services provided are acccessible via api. use of our front end is optional.

developer friendly!
got a great idea? you can develop your own products for use with our services too!