• 3 types to store your data
    1. KV
    2. Time Series
    3. Transaction / log
  • pull results by row, or grouped
    in the case of time series data, pull a range , then merge, or sum the data.
  • bottomless
    rows are uuids, and system designed to expand upon large data sets.
  • taggable and keyed to sub accounts
    while most of the row data is flexible, some extra rows are set aside for tags and sub accounts to optimize searching
  • set permissions for sub users
    given tables may be set to read, write , read /write , delete, create
  • custom response filters
    filter the result sets and serve directly to browser if desired.

5. db.m7
designed to handle bottomless storage for kv, time series, and logging data. access can be segreated by user and its sub accounts. in this way, a given users records may be served directly to the website front end, avoiding the need to pull it locally and subsequently serve it to the customer.