How To Get Started

friendly API
all of our products are designed to be fully API acessible, and seemlessly integrated into your product. Clients are welcome to use our front ends as a convenience , or develop their own.

integrated to run with (user|id.m7)
if you are designing your own micro service, at the minimum you'll need id.m7 . however beyond that, how you do your design is up to you. We suggest using user.m7 to manage your clients. some services , such as stats make use of grimID

free of Big Tech
None of our products utilize any service provided by Big Tech.

1. id authentication service.

  1. hosted key|trust store. sign JWT tokens or documents.
  2. 2 levels of applicable access, user and client.
  3. both roles may be used to sign JWT's or other data. certificates may be granted with a subset of privileges for a given account, usually done to give access to remote system without fear of the key being compromised.
    1. User: users may create sub accounts (clients). they may manage their sub accounts.
    2. Client: clients may not create sub accounts and lack associated management tools.

2. user Authorization and user management service

user management tool, all m7 hosted products make use of user excuding ID.

  • manage user lists with separate roles, groups and tags
  • hosted login. login may be done remotely from your own sites to remove the need to build your own security
  • manage and configure your other services here
user accounts may be independant passport style ID's , or they may be set to be owned by the parent account.

3. Files bottomless user level file hosting
serve content to viewers based according to file permission and user privileges

with Files, you can segregrate your content from your website. is idea for offloading small file content, such as images, documents and protected javascript. it is suitable as a standalone product if you wish to share files with a group of friends, and likewise fully integratable into your website.

4. Stats Affiliate Management
fully customizable multi level stats access for those wishing to manage an affilite program. Our stats may be used as a standalone product, using our web interface, or you can build your own stats front end utilize the backend on your own.

5. db api accessible database
types supported

  1. KV
  2. Time Series
  3. Transaction / logging
access can be segreated by user and its sub accounts. in this way, a given users records may be served directly to the website front end, avoiding the need to pull it locally and subsequently serve it to the customer.